Twin Choir

The Choir of the Liebfrauenkirche, Frankenberg, Germany

Church of Our Lady, Frankenberg

Stour Choral Society is keen to maintain strong links with its partner choir in Germany (Die Kantorei der Liebfrauenkirche, Frankenberg). This involves regular visits by members of both choirs to combine the music-making.

Kantorei visit May 2016

The May bank holiday was a special one for the choir. On Thursday 26 May the Kantorei der Frankenberg (our Partnership choir) arrived in Manningtree to join in celebrating 45 years of partnership with the Manningtree & District - Frankenberg Association. A full programme for all involved included a visit to Sutton Hoo and Woodbridge on the Friday with a formal dinner in the evening at the Venture Centre. On Saturday morning guests and hosts not involved in a music rehearsal joined in a conducted tour of Manningtree. Saturday evening took the form of a Soirée for singers, hosts and guests; a traditional hog roast was served and the evening was interspersed with music from SCS and the Kantorei. All in all this was a full programme for everyone to get together before the Kantorei departed for Germany on the Sunday morning.

Visit to Frankenberg October 2014

In October 2014 we travelled to Frankenberg and joined the Kantorei in a special service for the Reformation. Please click the links below for German press coverage:

Report by Frankenberg newspaper WLZ-FZ

Report by German newspaper HNA

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